« Development and promotion of the Tunisian signs » Wednesday, February 28th  2018   Sfax –Tunis


14h00-14h30 : Inscription

14h30-14h45 : Opening of the Seminary by the Business center of Sfax

14h45-15h00 : Official opening by Mr Minister of Trade

15h00-15h15 : Legal frame of the Franchising in Tunisia

 Minister of Trade

 Master Ismail Ben Massoued, Lawyer

15h15-15h45 :  Mrs Rose-Marie Moins, Person in charge of the Training, FFF

The role of the franchising as inescapable tool in the development of the business,

15h45-16h05: The Financing of the franchising

                        Middle East Investment Initiative MEII


16h05-16h45 : Testimonies

           Case of an International Franchisor :

           M. Tarek Thabet, Master Franchisé RE/MAX

           Mme Dorra Bouricha , Master Franchisé Equivalenza

          Case of a Tunisian Franchisor:

            Mr Ahmed Masmoudi, Pâtisserie Masmoudi

16h45-15h00 : Cocktail of networking