Sfax Business Development center

Sfax Business Development center

Sfax Business Development center is a business creation support organization that provides promoters, investors and those wishing to launch their own projects with the necessary guidance, support in the various stages of implementation and solutions according to the cases presented.

It also organizes fundraising workshops; BTS for projects whose investment cost does not exceed 150,000 dinars, and BFPME for projects whose investment cost is between 150,000 dinars and 10 million dinars.

It also organizes partnership , franchise and spin-off workshops to promote investors’ equity and enable them to acquire new business opportunities and new markets.

Sfax Business Development center places great importance to the training of young promoters by providing them with a rich program and experts to provide them with adequate information, as studies have shown that the crucial cause of failure of a project is ignorance of the law.

It sought to contribute to the consolidation of the culture of project creation and stimulate investment activities by organizing a series of investment and awareness raising events, the most important were the project creation exhibition and the Sfax forum for investment.